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Very Informative I have never done it correctly till now till I saw this video, this is very useful. thank you all for these videos
- Lynne Grimshaw

great service

very informative & useful thank you
- John Trimble

Glaucoma education

I never knew to do it this way: Nobody ever told me to use punctal occlussion; Thank you for such useful videos and your teams hard work
- Peter Rafferty


It was more useful than previously described;I could rewind and play it again to see clearly what to do; very informative videos;thank you team-well done
- P Ferrnihough

Excellent website

This website (and my visit to Mr Sharma today) has provided me with more helpful information than I have received in a whole year since being diagnosed with glaucoma. The videos in particular have highlighted the proper way to use the eyedrops which I was never shown or advised on by the specialist I was initially referred to (at The Practice, Redditch). I think the service offered by Mr Sharma and his team is so much better than I have received up until now - I now have more confidence that I am getting the right help to ensure that I retain my vision.
- Shirley Adams

All infomation

Well done Mr Sharma and the team. I found the information and videos very helpful and have passed on your web site for friends to see.
- Ann Lodge

Excellent website

I found all the videos most helpful, especially on the correct way to administer the eyedrops. Everything is explained very clearly. Congratulations to the team for such an excellent website.
- Mary Herbert

Eyedrop technique

The demonstration of the correct technique for applying eyedrops is great - much better explained than any leaflet with the drops, and therefore people are much more likely to do it properly. Thank you all.
- Lorna Fellows

Support Meeting/Web site

The information imparted at the Support Group Meeting was very wide-ranging and helpful especially in explaining why things should be done as instructed and how glaucoma actually affects our perception of things. The web site is an added useful extra for people like me who are a little hard of hearing and do not always hear everything that is said so can later refer to the information on the site to re-enforce the explanations. Heartfelt thanks to Mr Sharma, Sara and the rest of the team for their unstinting care and attention and endless patience and to Sally for all the work on this web site.
- Frank Crawford

The Team

No surprise that the support group is the best in the country. The Website is brilliant with so much first class informative information. What makes it so good? The Team you work so hard and are so helpful in clinic and at the meetings. Thank you. Colin Futrill
- Colin Futrill

Informative information

Excellent information, given my up and coming operation. Great to have this facility to read and watch all the information in videos and downloads in my own time.
- Nick Brent

Support Group Meeting

This was my first visit to the support group meeting and i was very impressed and enlightened with all of the information put forward
- Barbara Whittaker

Informative and Useful

This was a very informative and useful meeting - thank you
- Geoffrey Coyle

Very Helpful

The meeting was very constructive and provides a great reminder of how to do my eyedrops properly
- R Jones

Very Educational

I found the meeting very educational. It is good to have the importance of correct application of eye drops stressed and bad habits can easily creep in.
- Sylvia Cubberly

Thank You

Thank you to Mr Sharma and all of his staff for the support that i have received over the past 5 years during some difficult times
- Margaret Carpenter

Very Informative

Having had a glaucoma diagnosis for over 30 years it is only now that i have gained so much important advice. Thank you
- Stella Price

Very Encouraging and Informative

I always look forward to meetings and the information and encouragement given.
- Avril Morgan



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