Mission Statement

Vision: To help improve outcomes of glaucoma interventions and improve the quality of life of all glaucoma patients and their relatives through education and support.


Mission Statement: To achieve the above through focus on the following:

  1. The Worcestershire Glaucoma Support Group( WGSG) will organise 2-3 public meetings every year in Worcestershire.
  2. These meetings will provide patient-to-patient interaction and networking which can help people with glaucoma feel less isolated and distressed.
  3. These meetings will provide access to the most current information regarding available treatments and enables patients to share experiences with those who have undergone these treatments.
  4. To understand the needs and available solutions for those requiring glaucoma care.
  5. To ensure that monies bequeathed or raised for the purposes of improving glaucoma care in the region are used solely and expeditiously for that purpose.
  6. To work closely with the Worcester Hospital Trust (WHT) to organise these meetings. Funding and donations to be secured by WGSG. Where the funds are for significant initiatives, the proposed project will be formally agreed and the funds held by the WGSG made available at the appropriate time.
  7. To work with other associations and charities. This would encompass supporting bodies such as Sight Concern & Worcester Eye Unit Trust where a synergistic relationship is now being developed. Also, to ensure that all interested parties are kept updated on activities and that we encourage and support those who would like to raise funds.
  8. To ensure a professional, structured approach.
    1. WGSG has a total of 3 coordinators with following responsibilities:
      1. Mr Tarun Sharma. To prepare tender responses and similar documentation as and when required.  To run the public meetings.
      2. Sister Sara Ruck & Sally Smith. Prime role is to provide support to patients and help organise the meetings in line with our Vision.
    2. In addition to the regular contact across the WGSG, there will be a 6 monthly  meeting of the coordinators discussing the support group finances and account.
    3. The above meetings will be transparent – they will be minuted and then made available for public reference.

Worcestershire Glaucoma Support Group