What can I do to help my parent with glaucoma?

Being diagnosed with glaucoma is scary. Many older people are dealing with several problems that come with age. They often worry that they will become a burden to the family if they lose their vision. So, first, reassure your parent that many people keep their vision with proper medication and care.

Next, help your loved one establish a routine so eye drops are applied correctly on schedule. Some eye drops must be applied several times a day. This can be especially difficult for people with arthritis, and, frankly, not an easy task for anyone to remember! You could offer to help, perhaps by swinging by the house or by calling with a reminder. If that’s not possible, talk with your parent’s doctor to make sure a plan is in place. Compliance with drop regimens is extremely important in glaucoma to prevent permanent vision loss.

If your parent faces surgery, do what you can to help him or her prepare, then arrange transportation to follow-up visits to the doctor.

There are many services and products available to help someone with impaired vision continue to write checks, organize their kitchen, tell time, and even play cards. Contact the Sight Concern to learn about them.

Remember, the best help you can offer is your emotional support.

Worcestershire Glaucoma Support Group